Fix your slice with deWiz

Find your baseline Transition

If you’re a golfer that consistently battles with the slice, the first step with deWiz is to find your baseline Transition. Take five swings in Discovery Mode and find the average Transition value of those first swings. Consider this your Baseline Transition.

Redirect the downswing direction

Our ultimate goal when trying to fix a slice ball flight is to change the swing direction so that the club is impacting the ball from the inside rather than the outside. A lower deWiz Transition number will help to set the downswing direction more from the inside.

Practice with deWiz learning stimuli

Making a swing change is difficult. Making a swing change without feedback is nearly impossible. Activating the deWiz Learning Stimuli allows you to receive a real-time, physical impulse to alert your brain that you are continuing to make that “over-the-top” swing.

Track your progress

All of your swing data is stored in the deWiz app in order to easily track and measure your progression over time. Track your Transition averages over multiple practice sessions to ensure you are trending in the right direction!

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    Our co-founder Markus is back with a step-by-step guide in using deWiz to turn your slice into a "baby draw"!

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User review

deWiz user Lee B.

"After two weeks with deWiz my wifes transition numbers have improved by 70%, resulting in longer and straighter shots"

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