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deWiz AI Swing Analyzer

deWiz AI Swing Analyzer

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Meet deWiz. Your on-the-wrist AI swing analyzer and coach. Put it on your wrist. Make a swing. Get instant feedback on 14 swing metrics and get an interactive 3D model of your swing. deWiz unit, charger, iOS and Android compatible app included.

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      Everything you need to know

      What's in the box?

      1. deWiz unit
      2. deWiz USB charger
      3. deWiz Instruction manual
      4. Quick-Start guide
      5. deWiz app & progress tracking website included

      Tech specs

      The adjustable wristband fits wrists with a circumference of 155-200mm, 6.10-7.87 inches and will fit most golfers. If you are outside of this range please reach out to and we will help you free of charge.

      • Weight: 44g
      • Housing size: 45 x 40 x 16 (mm), 1.77 x 1.57 x 0.62 (inches)
      • Material (metal parts): Stainless steel
      • Material (housing): Plastic (PA12)
      • Material (strap): Silicone
      • Battery life: Up to 20 hours
      • IP class: IP67
      • Connectivity: Bluetooth
      • Smartphone compatibility: iPhone and Android
      • Temperature range: -10°C to +50°C


      Left-handed golfer can use the deWiz. After you take your initial swing the avatar will switch to the other side of the ball.


      • App with practice modes, challenges and discovery feature
      • On-course mode
      • Patented Learning Stimuli
      • Data Insights page
      • Data Download page
      • Session Explore page
      • AI Coach

      More features are constantly being added. When a new feature is added, simply update the app and you get access, free of charge.

      Is deWiz for me?

      deWiz helps thousands of golfers with these challenges:

      Fix Your Slice by eliminating your over-the-top swing.

      Hit Longer Drives by swinging faster and longer.

      Improve Your Short Game by dialling in your partial wedges.

      Become More Consistent with progress tracking and AI coaching that helps you realize your swing flaws.

      For EVERY skill level

      deWiz is trusted as the Number 1 training aid by 5 major champions, hundreds of the worlds best coaches and thousands of golfers.

      • Beginner

        "As a 14 handicap, eagerly looking too head into the single digits, I have found a deWiz to be so valuable. The instant feedback on my transition has really been eye-opening."

        - deWiz user. 5/5 stars

      • Intermediate

        "Before using deWiz, I was stuck at an 8 hcp with my best round being a 76. After using deWiz 2 time, I saw my transition was the problem. Since working with my transition, I have shot a 73, 75 and have not scored higher than 78."

        - deWiz user. 5/5 stars

      • Professional

        "deWiz has helped me to develop a variety of different swings lengths and shot types with my wedges. It's really helped to transform my game."

        - Adrian Meronk

      • Coach

        "The reason I like deWiz is it puts feel and real together. It's marvelous."

        - Martin Hall

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      Using deWiz is easy

      • Step 1

        Put on your deWiz device

      • Step 2

        Start swinging

      • Step 3

        Get Insights

      One device for every part of your game

      • Fix your slice

        Turn your slice into a draw with these basic steps! deWiz gives you a measurement on your over-the-top swing and the tools to fix it.

        Read more 
      • Improve your wedges

        With deWiz you can dial in your wedge game like never before. Get an exact measurement to rely on for those must-have shots.

        Read more 
      • Add distance

        Want to add club head speed and add distance? Measure your hand speed and length of swing with deWiz and add distance fast.

        Read more