We are hiring: Sales representative US market

We are looking for a sales representative for the North American market who will truly embody deWiz’s brand culture and innovative nature. They will lead by example and be a forward-facing brand champion in our encounters with potential partners, coaches, at on-site events, and with the general golf public.

Among Your Responsibilities Are:

  • - An expert deWiz user, you know the in’s and out’s of the product better than anyone else, and you genuinely utilize it in your own training.
  • - You will give on-the-spot demo’s of the product for anyone, anywhere. You possess the golf IQ to analyze how a specific golfer can use, and benefit from, the product.
  • - You have a “Book of Business” in the professional golf community and are willing to make introductions to enhance exposure of the product and mission.
  • - Possessing Professional Coach relationships, you will visit regional coach associations and coaches, with the intent of demonstrating the product, closing sales, and expanding the deWiz coach partnership.
  • - Also having collegiate coach relationships, you will visit select schools and teams, introducing them to deWiz and closing sales.
  • - For both the Professional and Collegiate programs, you will support the post-sales process and help maintain the relationship by acting as the contact person for the US deWiz coaching partnerships.
  • - You will host demo days at various locations, properties and events. Acting as the main face of the deWiz brand, you will be fully capable of setting up demo locations with company branding assets, executing demo’s to people who are interested, and closing sales.
  • - A varied 50 – 60% travel commitment will be required for this role.

Who are you?

We believe that you are a former elite golfer with good experience of coaching and an interest in using technology to improve your game. You are comfortable around all levels of the game.

You are social and love to interact with people, especially around the subject of golf and training. It comes naturally to you to present, and equally natural to listen to the ones with whom you are talking. You are a genuine relationship-builder.

You are a problem-solver and have the ability to ascertain potential challenges and find on-the-spot solutions with a positive, customer service-oriented attitude.

You might have a background in sales within the golf segment, or in custom fitting. Other related characteristics include a proven track record of goal orientation, being highly self-motivated and structured.

How to apply?

We are looking for exceptionally talented people who want to work with other exceptionally talented people to create culture changes through eye opening experiences and products. If you are passionate about such an environment, deWiz is the place for you.

If this feels like the place for you, send us your story to hr@dewizgolf.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!